Short Hair Self-Cutting Techniques

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We will explore step-by-step self-cutting techniques for short hair that will help you achieve a fresh look from the comfort of your own home.

Short Hair Self-Cutting Techniques

Prepare Your Tools

Before embarking on your self-cutting journey, it’s crucial to gather the necessary tools. You’ll need a pair of professional hair-cutting shears, a comb, hair clips, a handheld mirror, and a spray bottle filled with water. These tools will ensure precision and control throughout the process, enabling you to achieve the desired results.

Section and Wet Your Hair

Begin by dividing your hair into manageable sections using hair clips. This will prevent any confusion and allow you to focus on one section at a time. Next, lightly mist your hair with water using the spray bottle. Moistening your hair makes it easier to work with and provides a smoother cutting experience.

Start with the Sides

When cutting short hair, it’s best to start with the sides. Take a small section of hair from one side and comb it straight down. Using your fingers as a guide, trim the hair to the desired length. Remember to cut small increments at a time to avoid making drastic mistakes. Repeat this process on the other side, ensuring symmetry.

Create the Back

To cut the back of your short hair, stand in front of a mirror with a handheld mirror in your other hand. Angle the handheld mirror to see the back of your head clearly. Comb a small section of hair straight down and trim it as desired. Continue this process, working your way across the back of your head. Use the mirror to check for any inconsistencies and make necessary adjustments.

Shape the Bangs and Top

Shaping the bangs and top of your short hair requires attention to detail. Comb your bangs forward and determine the desired length. Cut the bangs vertically, making small snips to achieve the desired shape. For the top section, comb the hair forward and trim it evenly. Be cautious not to remove too much length, as it can drastically alter the overall style.